About the Foundation

Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka was established with the aim to contribute to the development of art and culture in the Kansai area, create new regional values, and forge a creative and culturally diverse local community by supporting artistic and other cultural activities, and providing a base for creative endeavors in Osaka.

Foundation Data

Name Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka (NPO)
Location 2-11-8 Kitakagaya, Suminoe, Osaka
Date of establishment November 1, 2011
Founder Chishima Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Foundation Prospectus

From the Taisho until the early Showa period, the expanding local industries made the Osaka region one of the leading industrial zones in the world dubbed “the Manchester of the Orient.” However where rows of shipyards and other factories along the Kizugawa River, from central Osaka down to Osaka Bay, used to be the heart of prospering modern era Osaka, today most factories have disappeared or relocated due to the changing industrial structure, and took with them much of the region’s former vigor.

On the upside, this part of Osaka’s history has left behind a voluminous industrial heritage, including such places as the Osaka plant of Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Launched in 2004 on the factory’s empty lots was a project aiming to retrieve the fascination of “Aquapolis Osaka” that once characterized the city’s flourishing harbor district. The shipyard, a place where things had actually been built, was to be revived as a venue for new creation – a communication hub for art and culture.

Why focus on art and culture as means of regional contribution? Because art and culture have the power to nurture human creativity, and make positive use of various individual points of view. Imagination and creativity are necessary in order to design new systems, and find new ways for a better life precisely at this transition stage of social and economic systems and accompanying phenomena such as globalization, declining birthrate and aging population. We believe that providing an environment for displaying creativity can have a profound effect on contemporary society and its stagnating momentum.
Based on this idea, as a contribution to society from the position of a company in the real estate business, Chishima Real Estate Co., Ltd. has been working to transform the Kitakagaya area into a base for artistic and other cultural activity. There are many examples of cases in and outside Japan where the presence of art and culture has vitalized an area with new values and diversity. By supporting art and culture, we would like to make our own contribution to creating an urban environment that stimulates both visitors and residents with new energy.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of our company, we set up the Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka out of a desire to further enhance the public benefit of our operations.
By arranging environments for artistic and other cultural endeavors, and supporting the activities of artists working in and around Osaka, we are hoping to contribute to the development of art and culture in the greater Kansai district, and thereby help revitalize and restore the region’s original appeal by the means of art and culture.

Yoshikazu Shibakawa
Founder, and President of Chishima Real Estate Co., Ltd.