Kitakagaya Creative Village Project


The old Namura shipyard and Kitakagaya area

“Kitakagaya Creative Village Project” is a plan which aims to turn Kitakagaya area in Osaka city, centering around the old Namura shipyard, into a creative and attractive place. In particular, we make efforts to attract artists, art organizations and creators to Kitakagaya by providing cultural facilities, accommodations for them, properties (vacant houses and factories) at reasonable rent. We hope that this area will become a center of artists’ activities in the future.



History of the project

2004 A trial to turn the old Namura shipyard into a site for the arts and culture started.
First event “NAMURA ART MEETING ‘04-’34 Vol.00” was held. This project will continue for next 30 years.
2005 “BLACK CHAMBER” opened, a space for creative activities renovated from old office rooms at the shipyard.
The whole area of shipyard was reborn as “Creative Center OSAKA(CCO)”, which provides a dedicated support facility for all forms of creative activities.
2007 The old Namura shipyard was certified as Heritage of Industrial Modernization by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(MITI).
2008 Opening of “Artist in Residence (AIR) OSAKA”, an accommodation for artists.
2009 Beginning of the renovation of vacant properties in Kitakagaya by artists and art organizations.
2012 The Kitakagaya Creative Farm Project started, which conbines arts and agriculture as an activity to revitalize local community, using the vacant land in Kitakagaya.